Latevo is a sample of an app from Blue Sky apps.

Imagine filling this with your content. Set up your own app shop.


Why Blue Sky apps?

Daily news? Spring madness sale? Surveys? Events? Your own shop? What suits your business or club?

You will be able to install and edit your business offerings 24/7 from your own dashboard on your pc, mac or mobile device.

Your  awesome app will give your business the digital edge it needs.



What features do you want in your app?

Choose from these app functions
  • News
  • Events
  • Blogs
  • About Us
  • Our message
  • Sell products / Sell services
  • Promotions
  • Videos/multimedia
  • My Account
  • Surveys
  • Donations
  • Share app
  • Terms & Conditions
Choose from these app Dashboard functions
  • Reports – see Users, payments received survey results etc.
  • Analytics
  • Push Notifications
  • Publish to Social Media
  • Segment Customers/Users
  • Add/Delete/Rename/Reorder Content
  • Appoint app Managers at Various Levels


Then add your own custom features…or not

Optional extra customised functions

What else would you like in your app?

For example:

  • Integration with your existing software such as Campaign Monitor or Pipedrive
  • Quotations
  • Members only section
  • Add games
  • Add loyalty programs
  • Integrate with your website etc.


Get Your app

Reach your customers where they want to be – on their mobile device

Just Some of the Benefits of Blue Sky apps
Ecommerce / Shop: Users can buy your products and services using your app with their credit and debit cards as well as PayPal. Monetize your app to either quickly establish your business or grow one you already have.
Let your customers shop wherever they are, whenever they like, eg. They can shop while coming home on the bus.
Ease of use: For business people, our app dashboard is far easier to use than the content management systems for websites. Using the app dashboard is fast, intuitive and simple to use.
Apple and Android: You get both Apple and Android ‘native’ apps controlled by a single dashboard. Reach over 99% of mobile users and use the full power of the mobile device.
Customer data: Collect and analyse customer information Know your customers and what they think about your products and services so you can

Clear selection

Product Info

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